Luxe Sydney cafe suddenly closes, owes more than $100,000 to landlord and suppliers

By June 11, 2018Current

TL;DR – It all makes sense now.

Luxe Sydney might sound a little familiar to you.

If not, let us refresh your memory.

A month ago, the Australian cafe made waves online when the owner supposedly told local lifestyle blogger Chelsea Teng or better known as Cheowster off when she visited the cafe with a friend and only ordered a single scoop of ice cream.

The Caucasian owner had apparently scolded her for “buying a f*cking ice cream”, citing that they “have rent to pay”.

Well, as it turns out, not only has he not been paying rent for more than four months, the staff at the cafe had also not received their CPF contributions for two months.

In total, they owe more than $100,000 to its landlord and suppliers.

This probably explains his outburst then (though he did apologise in the end and offered a free brunch – which of course she wouldn’t be able to claim now even if she wanted to.)

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