Teenage girl in Kuching took her own life after 69% of people voted for her to die on Instagram poll

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TL;DR – Oh dear.

A 16-year-old girl in Kuching, Sarawak took her own life after netizens on Instagram poll voted for her to end her life.

According to report, the teenager had jumped from the third floor of a shoplot in Bandar Baru Batu Kawa on the night of 13 May.

Her body was later found by a man at around 8pm, who immediately reported the incident to the Batu Kawa police station.

Instagram Poll

Prior to the unfortunate mishap, the teenage girl reportedly created an Instagram poll at around 3pm on that day.

The poll which read: “Really Important, Help Me Choose D(Die)/ L (Life)”, had allowed netizens to decide her fate.

And unfortunately, the 69% of the people had voted for “D” (Die).

Aside from the poll of Instagram, it was also reported that she had too, posted a Facebook status to indicate that she was “tired” of life.

Her Facebook post, which was all in caps read, “WANNA QUIT (MY) F*CKING LIFE, I’M TIRED.

Authorities figured out that the girl had written a heartfelt WeChat status to her friends in Chinese before committing suicide, after conducting a check on her mobile phone.

Chief policeman of the Padawan district, Superintendent Aidil Bolhassan explained that the victim might have felt stressed from struggling with the trauma of having a broken family. It appears that both her parents have remarried and rarely return home to see her.

The authorities had concluded that no foul play is suspected, and the case has been classified as sudden death.

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If you believe that someone you know may be at risk of suicide or is contemplating suicide, make a referral to SOS by writing to pat@sos.org.sg, or call the 24-hour hotline at 1800-221 4444.


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