NTUC FairPrice shoppers to pay for plastic bags at selected outlets in a month-long trial

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TL;DR – It’s totes time to ditch that plastic bag!

Yep, it’s finally happening.

NTUC FairPrice announced on their Facebook page last week that the supermarket chain will start charging shoppers 10 cents and 20 cents for plastic bag use at seven NTUC FairPrice-owned outlets.

This No Plastic Bag trial will be month-long and will run from 16 September (Mon) to 16 October (Wed) at the following stores:

  • FairPrice Xtra @ Hougang One
  • FairPrice Finest @ Zhongshan Park
  • FairPrice @ Tai Seng
  • Cheers at 1 Create Way
  • Cheers at 1 Anchorvale Street
  • Cheers at 611 Aljunied Road
  • FairPrice Xpress at 384 Lorong Chuan

Proceeds collected from the trial will go to the Singapore Children’s Society and The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

This is a brilliant initiative, methinks… But what took us so long?

Before you get all worked up and feel that you’re short-changed in life, just know that this is nothing new at all.

In fact, there are countries where supermarket chains are required to charge consumers a fee for plastic bags, waaaaaay before we did, for instance in England and South Korea.

Many cities in the world have even gone a step ahead and embraced the banning the use of plastic bags in a bid to control environmental pollution.

We are considered quite slow for a developed country, you know #justsaying

It’s totes time to ditch that plastic bag!

Not only is carrying your groceries home in a reusable tote bag better for the planet, grocery shopping can also be made stylish and fashionable too.

Check out these hipster totes that can instantly elevate your personal style while you shop in comfort!

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Fight against climate change with the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech, he said that climate change is one great challenge that we face and like it or not, Singapore is already feeling its impact.

The bad news is, it is likely to worsen over the next few decades.

The not-too-bad news is, the Government has set up the Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS) to study in more detail how climate change is affecting Southeast Asia and ways to mitigate climate change, alongside counterparts in neighbouring countries.

Of course, having said that, we, as responsible humankind (who are responsible for the climate change we see today), have a role to play too.

While we may not be able to stop climate change by ourselves, we can do our fair share in helping to reduce the carbon footprint emissions by adopting the green mantra – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!


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