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TL;DR – Singapore’s favourite public holiday activity, sorted.

Long weekend is coming, and with long weekends come Singaporeans’ age-old obsession — staycations. Somewhere between going on vacation and just lazing around, staycations are everything we love in sleeping in a hotel bed and swimming in a hotel pool.

But if you’re up for your tenth staycation and you’re bored of your usual options, here’s a list of more interesting options for your staycation palettes.

1. Airbnb it

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 6.38.45 PM

Airbnb in Singapore instead of a hotel, how scandalous!

Many of us don’t realise how many Airbnb options we have in Singapore, and we’d be surprised to find out how much there is out there to choose from! If you’re not keen on sharing the house with some random person, you can rent out an entire apartment, like this beautiful Chinatown home for example. Comes with a living room with TV, a kitchen where you can cook, and wifi.

2. Airbnb in a Shophouse

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 6.40.06 PM

Another Airbnb option that you’ll be happy to try out is this beautiful antique shophouse. How often do you get to stay in a two storey shophouse in the heart of Singapore?

3. Lloyds Inn


Talking about super instagrammable, Lloyd’s Inn is like living in someone’s pinterest account. Everything is white and gorgeous and unwashed concrete, and you’ll want to take pictures in every corner of the place. Yes, we do know we’ve already covered it under 8 of the most gorgeous loft hotels in Singapore. And oh, Lloyd’s Inn is also super popular, so book in advance.

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Price: From S$270
2 Lloyd Road Singapore 239091
Tel : +65 6737 7309



Sure, you can go overseas to do a Spa retreat, or you can just drive across a big bridge and stay at Sentosa instead. ESPA is a spa with all the frills, with a variety of Lifestyle Retreats to choose from complete with 1-3 night stay. dedicated to getting the full spa experience with a dedicated treatment room right in the villa, along with headed marble ritual rooms, crystal dream saves, and forest onsen dipping pools. You’ll be so relaxed and refreshed, you won’t even know you’re in the same country.

18 Sentosa Gateway, 098269
Tel: 6577 8880

5. St John’s Island


Okay, we know the usual staycation options are all about relaxing and sleeping and ordering room service, but maybe your next staycation option could be about truly experiencing nature! Yes, you can stay at St John’s, and dedicate your whole weekend to learning more about Singapore’s wildlife and being one with nature. Don’t expect high-end accommodations, though!


6. New Majestic Hotel


If you ever wanted to live in a Singapore artist’s mind, opt for New Majestic Hotel. Having collaborated nine emerging artists in Singapore, you can live in an option of different rooms, from a double-storey local wonderland to a room completely built around a set of double-bath tubs that sits in the middle of your bedroom.

It’s like the best part of a quirky hotel without being slapped in the face by culture.

Price: From $249
Address: 31–37 Bukit Pasoh Road, 089845
Tel: 6511 4700

7. The Pod


This wouldn’t be your usual choice for a staycation, but damn does it look comfortable. Marketed as a capsule hotel, each of The Pod’s beds come with an individual reading light, a little cupboard, privacy blinds, and even personalised concierge services. Not to mention complimentary laundry service, buffet breakfast, and a business centre where you can not do work (because, y’know, staycation).

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Price: From $35
289 Beach Road Level 3
Singapore 199552
Tel: 6298 8505

8. Hotel Fort Canning


Yes, the Fort Canning that is one of Singapore’s iconic historical sites, and used to house Malay Kings and the British Army. Now, Hotel Fort Canning is a beautiful hotel on top of a hill looking over most of Singapore’s shopping district, and near one of our most popular concert venues. Between the curated guided walks through the history of the “Forbidden Hill”, luxurious meals at the Salon, and in-room bathtubs, we’re not sure what we like better.

Price: From $255.00
Address: 11 Canning Walk, 178881
Tel: 6559 6795

9. Ocean Suite


Get this: a 24 hour butler service, outdoor jacuzzi, a bedroom with an indoor jacuzzi, right next to which there is a window that looks directly into a massive ocean tank, with fishes swimming by as you sleep.

Nuff’ said.

Price: From $3,342.68
Address: Equarius Hotel 
8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269
Tel: 6577 8888


10. D’Kranji Farm Resort

Complete with a pawning area, a garden museum, and a spa, Kranji Farm Resort is a gem hidden on the outskirts of Singapore. Though it has the word “farm” in its name, you won’t be roughing it. All villas are fully air-conditioned, and either come with a rain shower or bathtub. You can get your own villa in the middle of nature and feast at their seafood restaurant, or party the night away at their beer garden.

Price: From $120
10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, #01-05, 718813 Singapore
Tel: 6898 9228

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