Meet Fiona Xie’s new boyfriend who’s 14 years younger

By February 23, 2017Entertainment

TL;DR – This guy is a local model and rapper.

Fiona Xie is back and breaking hearts once again with news of her new boyfriend, Julien Leo.

Just who is he again?

According to Google, Leo is a Singaporean model and rapper with local band KIN.

He also has an identical twin, Brandon, and the 1.82m-tall duo are sons to local fashion retailer Tina Tan-Leo who was a powerhouse in the local fashion scene, having owned Link Boutique, Living the Link and now-defunct label alldressedup. The brothers also harbour K-pop ambitions and have taken part in a few contests and competitions.

Did we also mention that they are both 21 years old? Which makes Julien a good 14 years younger than Fiona Xie.

Not that it’s easy to tell anyway.

As for Brandon, he’s romantically linked to model Fiona Fussi.

I guess Fiona is a very common name.

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